Four Demons: An Overview of the Slot Machine

Some individuals believe that the devil, in order to seduce people more effectively, doesn’t always show up in the traditional horned and goateed appearance. It would appear that this was the line of thinking behind 4ThePlayer’s online slot 4 Deals With the Devil. Or they’ve been watching Bedazzled, the 1995 film starring Brandon Fraser and Liz Hurley as the devil who grants him seven wishes to help him win the heart of the woman he loves. This game doesn’t provide players seven wishes, but they do get four free spins bonuses with expanding and roaming wilds.

The setting of 4 Deals With the Devil is reminiscent of a throne room, although one devoid of fire, brimstone, and damnation. This is a calm and refined domain with delicate touches like braziers, stained glass, and creepers on the pillars. It’s more like entering a crystal store than the terrible Dantean vision of the abyss that we’re generally shown upon entering 4 Deals With the Devil.

Players begin by choosing one of four bonus rounds and a wager between 10 pence and ten pounds or euros. Below, you’ll find in-depth descriptions of each option; if your mind changes during the main game, just use the ‘Change Bonus’ button in the top right corner to make the necessary adjustments. You can conduct some trading on just about every gadget, and the theoretical RTP is 96.5 percent.

There are 6, reels, 4 rows, and 4,096 ways to win on 4 Deals With the Devil. The absence of fixed paylines means that winning combinations are created whenever identical symbols appear on adjacent reels, beginning on the leftmost reel. The pay symbols in this game are a combination of traditional slot machine logos and unique pieces of lore. Starting with roses and bells adorning the 10-A card ranks, the deck progresses through cherries, dice, a ring, a cat, a gargoyle, and a Lucky 7s. The payout for a winning combination of six of a type ranges from 1.5x the wager for the card symbols to 3x the bet for the higher value lot.

Slot Machine Attributes in 4D: The Devil’s Deal

In many cases, 4ThePlayer gives gamers a measure of control over the type of gaming experience they have. Players in 4 Deals With the Devil can activate one of four different free spins bonus rounds. In addition to the free games, keep an eye out for the Devil Lady Wild Respin feature.

The Devil’s Wild Re-Spin, Lady

Wilds can appear in any location and at any height to increase your chances of winning. A Devil Lady Wild Respin is awarded for landing at least one wild during the main game. During the respin, any visible wilds will remain fixed in place and grow by one position. If a new wild symbol appears during the respin, it triggers another spin. If a wild reaches the fourth level, it vanishes.

Bonus Turns

Players can pick their desired free spins bonus at the beginning of the game. As was previously indicated, this is moddable in the original game. The amount of scatters needed to activate each one, as well as the regularity with which they occur, and the benefits they bestow, vary.

To activate Cool, you need at least 4 scatters, and once you do, you’ll get 9 free spins with a locked, expanding wild on reel 3.

The medium bonus has an average trigger requirement of 8 scatters and provides 12 free spins with 2 locked rising wilds on reels 2 and 5.

Hot is activated by getting 12 scatters, is rare, and grants 15 free spins with 3 expanding wilds.

Xtra Hot is an uncommon feature that needs 16 scatters to activate and grants 20 free games with 4 expanding wilds that may move anywhere on the screen.

Players spin a wheel with the chance to earn a greater bonus if the number of visible scatters is high enough to activate a higher bonus. The selected bonus will be activated if the spin does not win. Players spin a wheel for a chance to win a secondary bonus if the amount of scatters in view is insufficient to activate the primary bonus. If you lose this spin, no bonus will be triggered.

Growing Wilderness

The Expanding Wilds feature appears in the Cool and Medium bonus. These wilds start off as 1×1 symbols, but throughout the bonus round they can expand to 2, 3, or 4 high. Wilds can spread to adjacent reels as they multiply.

Growth and Movement in the Wilds

Wilds that expand and jump in the Hot and Xtra Hot bonus. These wilds, like the ones at the beginning of the round, are 1×1 in size and wander across the board at random. The extra allows them to reach heights of 2, 3, or 4 inches.

Add-On Purchase

To purchase the Cool, Medium, Hot, or Xtra Hot bonus at a cost of 30, 50, 100, or 400 times the stake, respectively, players must click the bonus buy button.

Slot Review: Wild Lab, Number Four in the Devil’s Deals

The game 4 Deals With The Devil seemed like it was going through an identity crisis and didn’t know what it wanted to be. Is it a visual essay on the origins of evil, or does it harken back to another era? Or, are we just overanalyzing what is really a tired game that might have benefited from better teamwork? Perhaps the game’s attractiveness might have been increased with some fine-tuning of the audio that didn’t appear to suit or polishing of the images that weren’t as strong.

However, things aren’t entirely bleak. Bonus rounds can go from worthless to rewarding when bigger wilds appear in strategic locations. Players who are on the fence about giving 4 Deals With The Devil a shot can be swayed by the game’s winning potential. A visit to the rules section reveals a win of 50,000x the stake occuring during simulated spins, so all those ways and extended wilds definitely have the potential to produce. The paytable indicates winnings of up to 10,000x (the home screen 5,000x), but the maximum win is only 10,000x.

4It’s great that ThePlayer keeps working to offer players some control over the games they play. The good news is that regardless of the bonus you select for, you can win a bigger one if a certain number of scatter symbols appear. Conversely, if fewer scatters appear, players who choose for the greater bonus still have a chance of earning a lesser bonus. The thought occurred to us, though. Picking a bonus seems pointless since players can end up with either a bigger or lesser bonus regardless. Could 4 Deals With The Devil have been as fun if players had been awarded the amount of free spins determined by the number of scatter symbols rather than having to make a choice? That isn’t really the 4ThePlayer’s philosophy, though; rather, the game’s main selling point is its willingness to shake things up, do things differently, and strike bargains in order to keep players on their toes.






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